We received 138 entries correctly identifying the February Fake Ad for “Ret-Ro-Center.” Our winner is Patsy Morita of Ann Arbor, who’s taking her prize to Blue Tractor.

“The ad is on page 69,” wrote Judi Taylor. “Very cute ad! I knew it was the Fake Ad the second I laid eyes on it; my husband is probably the only person I know who has his Blu-Ray player sitting on top of his VCR. And the VCR still works. I did have to reread the Ad to find the last name Crown, but I knew it had to be in there somewhere!”

“So the eighties and nineties are considered retro now?” Tom McMahon asked. “Just more proof I’m getting old.”

And Janine Shahinian lamented, “Unfortunately, the Fake Ad is for Ret-Ro-Center, as I’d love to find a buyer for my laserdisc collection.”

Our favorite entry, though, came from Thaddeus Weakley. Why? Because it’s a wonderful name.

To enter this month’s contest, find the Fake Ad in the March issue and follow the instructions in the box on the Back Page. The Fake Ad always contains the name of last month’s winner in some form.