“The Fake Ad this month is on page 58 for the ‘Prenup Clean-Up’ teeth cleaning with Drs. Barbor, Webster, and Seaugh,” emailed Kristen Schleick, underlining “arborweb,” the name of the Observer’s website and the clue hidden in every Fake Ad.

“Since my husband is a dentist in Ann Arbor, I knew right away that Drs. Barbor and Webster didn’t practice in the area,” said Debbie Ash. But “Don’t they share office space with the divorce law firm Bicker, Back & Forth?” asked Siri Gottlieb. “I have been seeing Doctor William Seaugh for about three years now, and I highly recommend him,” wrote Sue DeMars. “At the end of every appointment, I say, ‘We’ll see ya, Will Seaugh!'”

“Once again the fake ad was more reasonable than some non-fake material in the Observer,” wrote Andy Yagle. “Without ‘arborweb’ and the accompanying article, I would have guessed ‘Shoot to Kill–Wild Hogs’ on page 13,” where we reproduced an ad distributed by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

We had 121 entries this month, 116 of them correct (a border within the Fitness Together ad on p. 52 led an unusually large number of entrants astray). Ana Sofia Moreno won our drawing and is taking her gift certificate to Ten Thousand Villages.

To enter this month’s contest, find the Fake Ad in the August Ann Arbor Observer and enter by noon on August 10 (instructions are on the Back Page).