We received 116 entries correctly identifying the Fake Ad for Pleasant Aegean Holidays on page 70 of the November issue.

“I quickly found the Fake Ad for November 2012,” wrote Bob Hayes. “I was stationed in Athens, Greece during 1972-1974 with the United States Navy. I enjoyed so many sites and islands along with the wonderful hospitality of the Greek people. When I saw last month’s winner, Kathleen Kosobud, I easily thought that combination of letters might be used within a Greek fake ad. As I thumbed backwards through the Observer, lo and behold, on page 70, top left, I found the ad for Pleasant Aegean Holidays. … Thank you for making me smile and remember a great tour …”

“It’s the Pleasant Aegean Holidays ad,” Renee Dean wrote. “I knew that this was the Fake Ad, but I had originally thought Kristin Labby (who was quoted on the Back Page) was the winner … I now believe I know all of the services offered by people who advertise in the Observer. Advertising in the Observer works! (Especially when I’m looking for the Fake Ad!!)”

Our winner was Linda Thibodeau of Marysville. She’s taking her gift certificate to Grizzly Peak Brewing.

To enter this month’s contest, find the Fake Ad and follow the instructions in the box below. The Fake Ad always contains the name of last month’s winner in some form.