We received 170 entries correctly identifying last month’s Fake Ad for Panmedic, with its improbable list of pandemic-related products for sale. The ad appeared on page 46 of the June issue. 

“When the history books get written about life in America during the pandemic,” wrote Janine Shahinian, “I hope this Fake Ad appears in the chapter on local efforts to boost morale and keep our spirits up.”

John Rennels added, “One of the side effects of hydroxychloroquine is you huff a lot which helps in locating this month’s fake ad. Fortunately there are some great inexpensive bathroom remodeling designs out there to accommodate 12 giant rolls of bathroom tissue at a time.”

“The prices were unreasonable, probably inflated by the pandemic,” wrote Ginny Weingate.  “One ounce of hand wetter was $4.99.  Sounds like it would wet your hands but not sanitize them. So, is this one ounce of water? The funniest part was: Each roll of the Super Mega Jumbo bathroom paper would equal 12 regular rolls and would require a special dispenser. Imagine the size of that dispenser! Thanks for the humor to alleviate our pandemic woes.”

Anne Heise was chosen as our winner. She’s taking her gift certificate to Zingerman’s.