2019 July

Paint on the Rock?

Q. How thick is the paint on the Rock at Hill and Washtenaw? What did the original rock look like, and why was it placed there? A. This Canadian limestone glacial deposit was moved from a gravel pit near Pontiac Trail by parks...

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Making the Art Fair Happen

Greg Lawler has been tracking art fairs since 1993, but there are still things about Ann Arbor’s that puzzle him. “It’s usually held on the hottest week of the summer,” he writes on ArtFairSourcebook.com....

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Spelunker’s Nightmare

One morning recently, a passerby came across a group of city workers gathered around a manhole at the intersection of W. Washington and Seventh. Two men were chatting near their truck as two other men turned a hand crank to...

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Marnee Thai Is Sold

Marnee Thai, a fixture on the ground floor of the 414 S. Main high-rise for thirteen years, closed its doors in June. Owner Wichai Cheva closed his Oak Valley Centre restaurant, Lotus Thai, in 2017. At the time, Cheva told the...

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Aldi Aims for the East Side

Ann Arbor is getting a second Aldi discount grocery. With the first on Maple Rd. covering the west side, the new one will be on Carpenter Rd. The site is across the street from a Kroger store and less than a mile from the...

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North Face in Arbor Hills Closes

The Arbor Hills North Face store closed in May. Despite recent controversy over a covert marketing strategy–uploading photos prominently featuring North Face’s gear and logo to the Wikipedia pages of popular tourist...

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What’s Up by Westgate?

Many readers have emailed to ask about the new building under construction on Jackson Rd. next to Westgate. According to city records, the building will house both a Smoothie King and a new west-side Mattress...

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Alpha Koney Closes

Marwan Al-Rabie closed Alpha Koney Island in the Oak Valley Centre at the end of May. A note on the door thanked employees and loyal customers for their support of the thirty-year-old eatery, adding “Please watch for our...

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