2019 December

Dickey’s and Former Vintage Are Gone

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit closed abruptly in mid November, with an eviction notice from Fifteenth District court posted on the franchise’s door. The notice gave the tenants twenty-four hours to evacuate, and the...

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A Retail Exclusive

Forty-seven years after the first Hash Bash was held on the U-M Diag, Ann Arborites will be able to legally buy recreational marijuana. Exclusive Brands, a marijuana dispensary and growing facility on Varsity Dr., received the...

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Fragels Are Coming

When we spoke to Bagel Fragel owner Patricia Rockette one year ago, she and her son (co-owner Michael Rockette) had just lost their longtime Plymouth Rd. location after their new Ohio-based landlords signed the spot over to a...

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When Do Snowplow Drivers Sleep?

Q. A few days ago my family was awakened at 4:40 a.m. by a snowplow clearing our street. While it’s nice of the city to get the streets clear in time for people’s morning commute, it made me curious about the safety...

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From Coffee to Cafe

We reported in May that Mighty Good Coffee would be shutting down all four of its cafes by the end of the summer, in the wake of a dispute with the Washtenaw Area Coffee Workers Association union. Patrons of Arbor Hills may have...

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