2018 January

The Brenemans Retire

After fifty years in Lamp Post Plaza, Breneman Optical will close its doors on December 30. Husband and wife Jay and Cindy Breneman say they’re ready for retirement after forty years of running the business they inherited...

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Manna Closes

An observant reader noticed the closed sign on Manna International Food & Gifts at the foot of Broadway. An early November post on Yelp indicated that the store was closing for good. At that time, most of the inventory was...

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Cafe Mystery

On September 15, the Sweetwaters cafe in Plymouth Green Crossings posted notices online and on-site that it was closing temporarily due to equipment maintenance and road construction. Three months later, regulars were still...

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Ann Arbor’s Coldest Day?

Q. What was the coldest day ever in Ann Arbor?A. February 11, 1885, when the temperature fell to -23 Fahrenheit. It was one of a series of tough winters–“The Little Ice Age” of the 1880s–which set many...

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Ann Arbor Fish & Chicken

A bright dessert case lines the checkout stand at Ann Arbor Fish & Chicken on Washtenaw near Golfside–diners can choose from caramel cake, pudding, pie and cheesecake. But the focus here is on deep-fried seafood and...

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Comcast Tries Retail

“This store is the opposite of what you think of when you think of a cable company store,” promises Comcast spokesperson Rob Ponto. The store he refers to is the recently opened 4,000-square-foot Xfinity Store by...

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Great Start

Dan Francis recalls how stunned the head of Child Care Network was when the couple told her they...

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