2007 September

Michigan music faculty

All people who regularly attend classical music concerts in Ann Arbor know the excellence of the U-M music school faculty and student performers. They have gone to the piano-shaped music school building to hear the brass’s...

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Andy Mozina

The short story, like any other art form, responds to fashion. The dominant fashion at the moment — a certain genuine wittiness that exposes a gently bizarre character often at swim in a sea of commodities — has...

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Billy King

When I’m checking out local performers, I so enjoy seeing their parents or grandparents in the audience. The evening feels somehow more wholesome and meaningful with the older folks tuning in to the next generation’s...

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Diamonds in the D

Comedian George Carlin pointed out years ago that baseball's goofy, childlike soul (Caps! Parks!) contrasts starkly with football's martial combat (Helmets! Stadiums!). And perhaps the game's playful quality is what...

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Persian Visions

Despite the continuing U.S. sanction against any cultural exchange with Iran, the U-M Museum of Art plans to open Persian Visions: Contemporary Photography from Iran on Saturday, September 29. The first major body of Iranian...

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Rumi has been the best-selling poet in America for the past twenty years. Books of his poems have sold over half a million copies. Fantastic, for poetry. Fascinating, for a poet born in Afghanistan 800 years ago. His words seem...

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Shen Wei

I often picture an old man, at peace, walking slowly or sitting in the park. He holds a teapot, a birdcage, a fan — and whistles, savoring a tune from Chinese opera. — Shen Wei Shen Wei is one of the most acclaimed...

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