2007 June


Amadeus, at the Performance Network through June 10, is as perfumed, sensual, and squishy as overripe tropical fruit and as viciously cerebral as (I imagine anyway) a tea party for Nobel Prize runners-up. The story of Wolfgang...

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Annie & Rod Capps

"If I lived in this town, I would frequent this cafe," sings Annie Capps, "and that table in the corner would be mine most every day." Capps has a way of starting a song with an image that's simple yet...

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Delta 88

Somehow, I'm not on the mailing list of a certain "underground" speakeasy on the west side of town — how'd that happen? — so, sadly, I didn't hear that Delta 88 was playing there on a lovely May...

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Out Loud Chorus

When I enter WCC's intimate but regal Towsley Auditorium, the Out Loud Chorus is singing "The Way You Look Tonight." This mixed chorus (meaning both men and women) is based in the gay-bisexual-transgender...

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Shutta Crum

Shutta Crum knew exactly what kind of books young children liked when she began writing her own in 1997. By then she'd been a youth librarian at the Ann Arbor District Library for eighteen years and had had plenty of...

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Travis Holland

Soviet writer Isaac Babel published a couple of volumes of short stories in the 1920s. They were brilliantly observed and filled with irony about the human condition, often funny, yet also very bleak. He was immediately...

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Rob Utterback’s return

Although he says not to call it a comeback, Rob Utterback’s recital at the Kerrytown Concert House on Friday, June 1, is, in fact, a comeback. Way back in the halcyon 1990s, the local classical cognoscenti eagerly...

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