2005 June

FUBAR: Suddenly

Suddenly is an appropriate name for FUBAR’s debut CD only in this sense: You’re waiting around a long time for someone you expect. You give up hope. And then your visitor shows up, suddenly. Or maybe the title is...

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Western Michigan artists express a regional style distinct from eastern Michigan artists'. Maybe. That's the premise under exploration at the Gallery Project, on South Fourth Avenue, in its sparkling debut show,...

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Farm and Garden walk

Last year the Ann Arbor Farm and Garden Association’s annual garden walk was scheduled for a Saturday in mid-June when my husband and I were going to be in Stratford. So that I could write about the walk for the Observer,...

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Grievous Angel

Take four seasoned musicians; mix in acoustic and electric instruments; flavor with country, bluegrass, blues, and rock; serve with clear, lilting vocals and close harmonies. It’s a recipe for down-home, rootsy music, and...

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John Prine

The last time I saw John Prine was . . . well, let's see. He's been some kind of soundtrack throughout a whole lot of my life. I've sung his songs, played his songs, put my kids to sleep with his songs, cooked dinner...

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Elizabeth Kostova

The quick way of summarizing Elizabeth Kostova’s The Historian — a 650-page novel about vampires — does not come close to describing her accomplishment. Vampire books create expectations — prose perhaps a little overdone...

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MacHomer: it's got everything the original's got and more. It's got regicide, fratricide, infanticide, and suicide — all the things you've already come to know and love about Macbeth — and it's...

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