2002 October

Riders in the Sky

The experts disagree about Riders in the Sky. Do they offer "the loving re-creation and perpetuation of a myth," as country-music historian extraordinaire Bill C. Malone opines in his liner notes for the album...

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Laith Al-Saadi

When you head out for a night of live music, sometimes you want to be challenged by new bands and cutting-edge sounds; other times you simply want the relaxing comfort of familiar tunes and dependable talent. Laith Al-Saadi...

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Cat People

There's a new film group on campus — thank god — that calls itself Projectorhead. On Halloween, at the Modern Languages Building, it will screen the 1942 Jacques Tourneur classic Cat People. Simone Simon stars as...

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Jewels and Binoculars

During the swing era the clarinet was king in the public eye, but during the postwar years, as small combos took over in jazz, it was eclipsed by the louder saxophones and trumpets in the front line. The instrument may have lost...

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Philip Levine

Poet Philip Levine left Detroit almost fifty years ago, when he was twenty-six. He had been born and educated in the city, part of the immigrant Jewish working class; his father died when he was five, leaving his mother to raise...

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