The Ann Arbor Public Schools provide services to students with disabilities, including regular class placements with special assistance. Full-day programs in specialized classrooms for students with less common disabilities—such as moderate to severe cognitive impairments as well as emotional, visual, and hearing impairments—are offered at select schools. Those with special needs are served from birth through age 26. (Help with vision and hearing impairments is provided for all ages.) Student Intervention and Support Services: (734) 994-2318.

Early On / Early Intervention (Washtenaw Intermediate School District), 1819 S. Wagner. (734) 994-8100, ext. 1272. Services for children from birth-3 years who have a developmental delay or diagnosed disability. Free developmental assessment.

Washtenaw Intermediate School District (WISD), 1819 S. Wagner. (734) 994-8100. Operates special education programs for children ages birth-26 at various locations including High Point School, which serves county residents with severe disabilities ages birth-26. Temporarily located at 235 Spencer Ln., Ypsilanti, (734) 994-8111, ext, 1600, 32, I6