What with Valentine’s Day, post-holiday recovery, and the first hints of a spring thaw, love is truly in the air in February. No surprise, then, that 231 Fake Adders loved last month’s Fake Ad for the American Board of Struggling Orthopedic Surgeons (on page 60 of the February Observer) enough to send in a response.

The ad offered free snowboarding lessons to anyone over forty. For Marge Kupiec, that “brought back unfortunate memories of attempting to ride my son’s skateboard in front of him and a clutch of his skateboard-gifted friends.”

“Oh, I remember those bruises!” writes Amanda Kaufman. “I don’t see too many ortho folks suffering for business. Everywhere I go I see people in casts and walking boots. Tis the season!”

“‘Struggling orthopedic surgeons’ is an oxymoron!” writes Kathy Peterson. “With [a] record number of people being age 60 and over, the waiting rooms at local surgeons’ offices are filled with hobbling baby-boomers needing knee replacements, hip replacements and overhauls of one kind or another! As an aside, baby boomers (myself being one of them!) are known for their disregard of common sense and their denial of age-appropriate judgment, which means that this age group would be senseless enough to be attracted to something like snowboarding in the first place. Leave this sport to the 20-somethings who heal by the time they get to bottom of the hill!”

Saline’s Jacki Saunders was drawn as our winner. She’s taking her gift certificate to Motawi Tile.

To enter this month’s contest, find the Fake Ad in the March Ann Arbor Observer and enter by noon on March 10 (instructions are on the Back Page).