Government & Transit


Where to call for some specific city services. All phone numbers are area code (734) unless specified otherwise.
For general information and referrals to other city services, call customer service: 794-6320.

Many common problems can be reported online. Use the “report a problem” link at, or download the A2 Fix It mobile app.

Resident & Business Services -Ann Arbor & Washtenaw County

Permits & Licenses
Art Fair nonprofit booths 761-9700
Birth, death & marriage certificates 222-6720
Block party permits 794-6140
Dog licenses 794-6140
Lane closure permits 323-6939
Marriage licenses 222-6720
Noise permits 794-6140
Parade & race permits 794-6000 ext. 42198
Park use & shelter reservations 794-6230
Peddler & vendor permits 794-6140
Sidewalk use permits 794-6320
Solicitation permits 794-6140

Planning & Building
Permits are required for all new construction and for most substantial alterations and repairs. Development review and inspections services software are at The website includes a permit review process with access to inspection results, scheduling, and state of registration.
Construction permits 794-6263
Historic preservation coordinator 794-6265 ext. 42608
Housing rehabilitation 622-9036
(assists with affordable housing and home ownership programs for low-income county residents)
Planning department 794-6265
Rental housing inspection 794-8264
Zoning questions 794-6265

Property Taxes
Property tax assessment 794-6530
Property tax collection 994-2833

Safety Services
Emergency: 911
Animal control 662-5585
Fire: nonemergency 994-2911
Homeless shelter 961-1999
Moving violations 794-6750
Neighborhood Watch Program 794-6920
Police: nonemergency 994-2911

Streets, Sidewalks, & Parking
Parking & meter bags 761-7235
Parking structure complaints 761-7235
Parking tickets (866) 890-4982
Parking tickets – contesting 794-6549
Pothole repair 794-6320
Sidewalk repair 994-2493
Street cleaning & repair 794-6320
Street tree removal & trimming 794-6320
Streetlight installation & repair 794-6320
Towed vehicles 994-2911
Traffic sign & signal repair 794-6320
Traffic sign visibility 794-6320
Traffic violations 794-6750

Waste & Recycling
Abandoned cars 794-6942
Compost 794-6320
Home toxics disposal 222-3950
Recycle Ann Arbor 662-6288
Trash pickup 794-6320
Yard waste 794-6320

Water & sewer
Sewer system emergencies, water main breaks, water service issues 794-6320 (weekdays 8 a.m.-5 p.m.); 994-2840 (after hours)
Water bills 794-6320

Other services
Community standards 794-6942 (handles complaints about the condition of private property)
Community Television Network 794-6150
Convention & visitors bureau 995-7281
Disaster preparedness (Office of Emergency Management): nonemergency 994-2911 Historic preservation coordinator 794-6265 ext. 42608
Insurance claims 794-6140
Lost & found 794-6952
Voter registration 794-6140

Weddings: Magistrate Tamara Garwood (Ann Arbor Municipal Center) 794-6764. Mayor Christopher Taylor marries residents of Ann Arbor during regular office hours (Fri. 8:30 a.m.-10:30 a.m.). Call ahead to schedule at 794-6000 ext. 41602.

Contact Information

The Guy C. Larcom Jr. City Hall and the Ann Arbor Justice Center are separate buildings with a shared address: 301 E. Huron.

Services located at Larcom City Hall include: (1st floor) Customer Service Center and Community Services; (2nd floor) Clerk’s Office and Council Chambers; (3rd floor) City Administrator, City Attorney, Mayor’s Office and Communications Office; (4th floor) Engineering and Systems Planning; (5th floor) Assessor, Treasury, Sustainability and Finance; (6th floor) Human Resources and Public Services Administration. Services located at the Justice Center include the 15th District Court, Ann Arbor Police Department, and City Information Technology Unit.

For general information, see the city website at, or call the customer service center, (734) 794-6320 (weekdays 7:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.). If you have a question about a specific city service, see the “Resident and Business Services” boxes in the print guide (available online at City Services, A-Z), or email Additional city phone numbers can be located using a dial-by-name feature via the automated attendant number, (734) 794-6000.