We received 137 entries correctly identifying the Fake Ad for Castle’s Steak House on p. 42 of the April issue. The ad, which referred to the hanger steak the Fake Ad Czar recently discovered on a menu, was a (very) thinly disguised reference to Knight’s, as carnivorous Ann Arborites (yes, there are some left) were quick to point out.

“The ad for Castle’s Steak House caught my eye because I’d forgotten that diaphragm really does have a ‘g’ in it,” wrote longtime Fake Adder Cendra Lynn. “This is the advantage of hunting for the Fake Ad while tired. The description of hanger steaks was so disgusting it evoked memories of butcher shops in Scotland in the ’60s where dead animals were, indeed, on hangers outside the shop: rabbits, chickens, parts of pigs, sheep, a few cow hunks. I had to look away every time I went past one, and shopping for meat was a real torture as it was impossible to avert the smell.”

Ron Tvaska discovered that life, in Thailand anyway, really does imitate art—or is it the other way around? “Did you know there is a Castle Steak House in Baan Tai, Ko Phangan, Thailand?” Tvaska asked. “A colleague visited the restaurant in Thailand and told me it is very good, especially the Thai Beef Filet. Your advertisers will be glad to know that I think I have memorized many of the companies that are in the Observer just looking each month for the Fake Ad.”

Our winner was Loisann Arnold of Northville. No hanger steak for her—she’s taking her gift certificate to Seva.

To enter this month’s contest, find the Fake Ad in the May Ann Arbor Observer and enter by noon on May 10 (instructions are on the Back Page).