The Moore family believes that the red-and-white “Drive Like Your Kids Live Here” sign may slow traffic a little near N. Lewis and W. McKay streets in Saline, but the real showstopper is Beyonce. Not the singer-actress queen of the tabloids, but a nearly five-feet-tall, rusted, fire-engine-red metal rooster with a bright yellow beak that stands guard near the shrubs in their corner lot.

Tamara Moore explains that her husband, Brian, bought her Beyonce as a thirteenth-anniversary present in June. Why would a man who valued his life present his wife with an oversized metal rooster as an anniversary gift? “I’d wanted one ever since I’d read in about the writer buying a five-feet-tall metal rooster,” Tamara says.

Brian bought the bird, made of recycled metal, for “a little over a hundred dollars” from an antique dealer near Detroit. Tamara named her Beyonce and references the fowl as a chicken rather than a rooster, just as in the blog.

While the Moores’ ten-year-old son, Liam, wasn’t initially sold on Beyonce, calling her “weird,” he eventually came around. Tamara and Brian knew their rooster was on solid ground when Liam and his six-year-old brother, Ethan, spotted colorful metal flying pigs on sticks at Detroit’s Eastern Market and pleaded, “Mom, we need these for Beyonce!”

The Moores say that passersby stop several times a day to photograph Beyonce and her entourage of flying pigs. Are there plans for additional metal livestock taking up residence in the Moore yard?

“He says no more,” says Tamara, nodding at her husband, who’s blissfully rocking on their vintage metal glider, “but that’s what he thinks.”