“I Spy answer: the corner of the Arthur Miller Theatre 1226 Murfin Dr.,” emailed U-M theater professor Christianne Myers, identifying August’s image. Barbara Bushkuhl, who drives by the theater frequently, calls it a “great building,” particularly admiring its “elegant simplicity” and “green glassy walls,” and she adds that her goal for the upcoming academic year is to “attend an event at this location!” The Miller Theatre is the only one in the country named for the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright and U-M alumnus. Although Miller died before it opened, he was able to review plans and offer input regarding the importance of flexibility in staging.

Thirteen entrants correctly identified the Miller Theatre. Herbert Winful won our random drawing and will receive a copy of A History of Ann Arbor by Jonathan Marwil. “Yahoo! Thanks!” he emailed on hearing he’d won. “I teach on North Campus so I see the Arthur Miller Theatre every day. You might say I had the inside track on this one.”

To enter this month’s contest, use the photo and clue on p. 87 of the September Ann Arbor Observer to identify the scene, then follow the instructions at the bottom of the page. The deadline for this month’s drawing is September 10.