“I spy the top of the Ann Arbor Art Center!” writes Ruth Forrest about March’s feature. “When I saw the photo, I recognized the ‘1886’ and beautiful historic architecture,” writes Hayley Hoffman.

The building on W. Liberty “started off as the Walker Brothers building where carriages and wagons were made in the 1880s and 90s,” writes Robert Kerr. Now it’s “part of the Liberty Street Historic District,” writes Angie Sullivan, who goes on to describe how, when threatened with demolition in the 1970s, the twin storefronts “were spared by a city council decree … sparked by a renewed public interest in … downtown architectural heritage.”

“Thank you 1970s city council,” writes David Karl, who thinks “the Walker buildings plus the adjacent Haarer building are some of the nicest examples of architecture in downtown Ann Arbor.” “I certainly am happy it was saved from demolition,” writes Sara Kitzsteiner. It’s “one of the many lovely buildings in town!”

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