“I spy a temporary art exhibit,” writes Melina Adler, with plants in “whimsical and holed emery boards.” Vicki Engel calls them the “interesting wood popsicle stick pieces at the corner of the Diag and North University.” They remind Shannon Kohlitz of cacti, and Dan Romanchik of “cricket bats stuck in flower pots.” The “colorful blades … in buckets … can be easily moved around” the intersection, points out Louisa Griffes, “hence the term ‘ever-changing'” in the clue.

The installation by Studio ‘Kaleidoscape–a group of U-M Architecture and Urban Planning alums–is a project of ReVIVE All Zones, a “tactical urbanism” project funded by the Downtown Development Authority and overseen by the Arts Alliance. The idea is to encourage people to imagine their surroundings in a new way. There’s also a street mural covering the whole intersection. “It’s a great burst of color!” says Andy Bayer.

We received twenty-one correct entries in November. Our random drawing winner is Daria Bizyaeva, who quips in response to the clue, “the big thing that doesn’t change are the cracks and potholes” on the street. Bizyaeva will enjoy her $25 gift certificate at the Produce Station.

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