2017 October

Ulrich’s Bookstore Pops Up

According to Ulrich’s Bookstore’s website and Facebook page, the store reopened in a temporary site at the end of August. But it wasn’t 1202 South University, the building Launch Board Shop vacated hastily in...

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Froyo Climate Change?

The froyo climate seems to be getting colder. When Ann Arbor’s two Orange Leaf franchises opened in 2014, business journals were atwitter with news of frozen yogurt in previously unimagined flavors, pumped full of...

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Mark’s Carts Final Season

After six years behind Downtown Home & Garden on Washington, Mark’s Carts will end for good on Halloween. Founder Mark Hodesh told us that while the popular street food hub was enjoying success, the work required to...

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Joe’s and Pino Close

Peace, love, and no more crabs. Joe’s Crab Shack, the seafood chain on Lohr Rd. near I-94 in Pittsfield Twp., abruptly closed in mid-August. It was not the only one to go: all of Joe’s Michigan locations closed their...

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Samuel Morse

Slightly more than twenty Fake Adders (twenty-two, to be exact) spotted the Fake Ad for attorney Samuel Morse on page 21 of the Summer Community Observer. The name is an amalgam of the first name of one of Detroit...

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Train Cars on North Main?

Q. There are often a few train cars parked near NEW Center on North Main. What are they doing there?A. For many years the nonprofit arts organization Artrain parked its rolling art galleries on the siding adjacent to the NEW...

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Bagel Rescue

After reading that Bruegger’s was throwing out unsold bagels at closing time (Up Front, August), a resident of Lurie Terrace “came to us and said ‘You’ve got to get hold of Bruegger’s!,'” says...

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Car Foxes

Doug Fox sold his Ann Arbor Automotive dealership on Jackson to Grand Rapids-based Fox Motors in August. Both Foxes assure us there’s no relation. “Isn’t that a funny coincidence,” laughs Doug,...

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