2017 May

Active on One Leg

Evelyn Horwitz was eighty-four when doctors told her they had to amputate her right leg to prevent the spread of villonodular synovitis sarcoma, a rare form of cancer. But she maintains a good sense of humor about the...

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Q. For many years my family used to eat at Shehan-Shah restaurant on Washington (where Aventura is now). Can you find out how the really nice family that ran it is doing?A. Sukhdial and Ravinder Singh are retired, living in...

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Storm-Water Solutions

City administrator Howard Lazarus’s fiscal 2018 budget calls for an 8.5 percent increase in storm-water fees–$585,000 a year, or $24 annually for the average household. It’s a down payment on implementing the...

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Shoe stores out and on the brink

The Famous Footwear store in the Oak Valley Center has closed. Some employees from that store have found work at the Arborland Famous Footwear, which remains open. A national chain with more than 1,000 stores, Famous Footwear...

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Running to Kerrytown

While many downtown stores are heading for outlying shopping districts, Ann Arbor Running Company owners Nick Stanko and Ian Forsyth have reversed the trajectory. The former U-M runners, who started out in the Oak Valley Center,...

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Sozo Opens at Briarwood

“The word ‘hibachi’ is really a made-up Americanized word,” says Sean Green, co-owner of the new Sozo Japanese Grill in Briarwood. “The original [name] is teppanyaki, teppan meaning...

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