I Spy Update: April 2022

“That distinct arched window is an architectural gem!” writes Joe Cialdella about March’s feature—Cahoots, the “tech coworking space.”  David Frye says, “I (almost) never get the I Spy picture,” but spotted it driving down...

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Fake Ad Update: April 2022

“March’s Fake Ad claims to maximize your testosterone levels so you too can be ballet dancing at age 84,” writes Ginny Westgate. “Kimball is found in ‘k! I’m ball.’ The funniest part is in the disclaimer at the bottom, ‘Just...

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A Week Before Chinese New Year

On our way to see the haircut aunties a week before Chinese New Year, we run into our little friend Miss Hu (who the kids say should go to medical school so that she can become Doctor Hu). We take a picture together and tell her...

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“AT&T doesn’t send telegrams anymore,” says Robin Richstone, president of the group now known...

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Ukraine Aid

For some Ann Arborites, the war in Ukraine means a few minutes of footage on the nightly news, a...

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Summer Camps and Activities

Now is the perfect time to secure your spot in one of the many fun and interesting local camps designed to keep your kids active and entertained this summer! Whether your camper is looking for a creative outlet, outdoor...

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