There’s a lot under construction at Briarwood. In early July, marketing director Denise Murray gave a rundown over the phone: “Of course the big news is the new restaurants going in, Bravo and P.F. Chang.” The two freestanding restaurants in Macy’s east parking lot hope to be open in time for Thanksgiving.

Inside, there’s been some fission and fusion. In the Penney’s wing, Forever 21 “is constructing a new space, nearly 16,000 square feet. It’s a pretty big expansion. The old store was about ten thousand.” Nearby, tween-girl clothier Justice is spawning a sibling, Brothers, aimed at young teen or tween boys. “Bath and Bodyworks is currently in a temp location near Von Maur,” she adds, so that it can reopen in its old spot as two stores: Bath and Bodyworks and its candle company White Barn.”

By August, Coldwater Creek should be closed–the casual women’s clothier filed for bankruptcy in April. The temporary tenant moving in, S2, targets much younger women. “It’s a high-profile location,” says Murray, “and we’ll soon have a permanent tenant in there,” but she won’t say whether it will be S2. And finally, over by California Pizza Kitchen, Chimney Cakes was completing its build-out. “Savory and sweet funnel cakes with filling. Oh, my God,” her voice trails off at the thought.

“And just so you know, we have opened a stage in the center court with live entertainment on Tuesday and Fridays from six to eight.” On Tuesdays it’s acoustic, and on Fridays it’s jazz. “Anyone interested should send me a YouTube,” says Murray. “We’re of course looking for a certain talent level, and also certain instruments do and don’t work in the space. Strings work well, and vocals.” Drums, bells, and brass–not so much.