When a large sign appeared in the front window of the original, now vacant Big George’s on West Stadium announcing the entire building was for sale or lease, we wondered how that would affect the Wolverine Brewing Company. Last we heard the microbrewery had signed a lease to brew its beer and open a tap room there.

No worries, says marketing director E.T. Crowe, speaking for her three partners, Matt Roy, Trevor Thrall, and Oliver Roberts. “Our lease supersedes a sale, meaning whomever buys it must take us on as tenants at our agreed-upon terms.”

Crowe says the tap room is on schedule to open sometime around Memorial Day in “the old scratch-and-dent room. Everyone’s been in there at one time or another looking for a deal.” With a microbrewer’s license, says Crowe, “I could operate a full-on restaurant if I wanted to. I do not want to. There are plenty of folks in town who can do a great job of that already.” The tap room will be more like a bar, featuring Wolverine Premium Lager–already available in most local groceries and liquor stores–and dry snacks like pretzels and chips. By winter brewmaster Roberts hopes to add a dark lager and a light (low-calorie) beer.

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