“The answer to this month’s I Spy is the one and only Washtenaw Dairy on Madison and Ashley!” says Terri Klein Gordinier. “Or, Wah-Dee as we call it around here,” shares Anne Heise. “I just had ice cream there today!” exclaims Jane Thurston. It’s “the go to place in Ann Arbor for dry ice, donuts and ice cream!” exclaims Tom Jameson. “My Dad used to take me there for a treat when I was growing up,” says Margaret Conlon. When her own kids were young, “I purchased dry ice for the ‘spooky’ Halloween punch at my children’s school parties.”

“It took a little bit of thinking,” writes ten-year-old Alex Marsh. “B.T.W.,” he adds, “since 1934.” The “date is telltale for a venerable Ann Arbor institution,” writes Kenneth Koral. “Just love that store,” writes Bob Baird, who shares a story his wife Mary usually tells: “When she was quite young back in the 40s,” he says, “she went … and ordered an ice cream cone. Not knowing she had to pay for it, her parents had to come bail her out.”

Our winner, drawn randomly from among forty-six correct entries, is Mary Keeley. She’ll enjoy her $25 gift certificate at Tios.

To enter this month’s contest, use the clue and photo on the Back Page of the July issue to identify the feature and send your answer to the address at the bottom of the page.