We received fifty-three entries correctly identifying the Fake Ad for “Walk and Roll” on page 26 of the Spring Community Observer.

“I was actually attracted by the ‘Mosey Farther’ invitation and the nice picture of a moseying lady,” wrote Chelsea’s Sandra Peterson. “Then I noticed that she was all set for a hike except for her shoes! … I checked, and sure enough, Seyfarth (last name of previous winner) appears in MoSEY FARTHer. So I won’t go to ‘Walk and Roll’ for my new walking stick. A very attractive ad, by the way.”

“If this isn’t a real business it should become one with its perfect slogan, name and logo,” wrote Mary Green, who also hails from Chelsea. “Very clever.”

Our winner was Mary Keen. Mary, please let us know where you’d like to take your gift certificate!

To enter the Summer Community Observer Fake Ad contest, identify the fake ad by name and page number (hint: it always contains the name of the last contest’s winner in some form). Enter by email (FrontPorch@aaobserver.com) or by mail (Community Observer Fake Ad, 2390 Winewood, Ann Arbor, MI 48103). The deadline for entries is noon on Friday, August 17.