“I recognize that tooth!” writes Linda Sattler of April’s feature. “It’s near our house.” “It was quite clever as they were sculpting” it, adds Cherry Westerman, while Linda Barnhart found “the tooth sculpture a mystery … as it was taking shape.”

“The sculptor is my brother and my dentist,” writes Orin Brustad about Dr. Robert Brustad, who, in 2006, stopped tree trimmers from removing the box elder stump in front of his offices at 1111 E. Stadium, and started sketching. “We still have the original drawing,” comments Brustad. “I worked on [the design] for about six months.” Enter “Dr.” Emil Szkipala. “The Dr. in Emil’s title is for his OB.CM degree (Obste-tree-trix & The Chisel Man),” writes Judi Taylor. Equipped with a plethora of chainsaws, “he finished in about a day,” says Brustad. “That’s a great looking totem of a molar,” writes Jud Williams, “with a witty accompanying sign: M-Plant”; perfect for a prosthodontist.

M-Plant generated a record seventy-seven entries in April. “It’s quite a landmark,” notes Ellen Willson. Pamela Kittel won our random drawing. She will enjoy her $25 gift certificate at the Blue Tractor.