We received 122 entries correctly identifying the very difficult to find Fake Ad for “The Song Remains the Same” on page 67 of the December issue. The ad contained the previous winner’s name, “Shahinian,” only indirectly, in the Obelisk speaker that was pictured.

“Wow! If my nephew wasn’t an Audio engineer [who] owns a set of rocking Shahinian speakers I would have not gotten this month’s Fake Ad,” wrote John Bean. “Last month’s winner’s name is of course hidden in the fact that the Obelisk was made by Shahinian Acoustics.”

“‘Obelisk’ is an interesting word in itself,” wrote Larry Kestenbaum. “My daughter startled her kindergarten teacher by pointing one out and correctly naming it. Since I couldn’t find ‘Shahinian’ in the ad text, I wondered whether there was some synonym for ‘obelisk’–and the word ‘shahinian’ showed up in Google’s suggested search text. I see that the store’s location, instead of being fake, reaches into the past, since Schoolkids Records has been gone for a decade or more.”

Our winner was Jan Gombert. He’s taking his gift certificate to Booksweet.

To enter this month’s contests, send email to backpage@aaobserver.com or mail to 2390 Winewood, AA 48103. All correct entries received by noon, January 10, will be eligible for our random drawings. Winners receive $25 gift cards or certificates to any business advertising in this issue.