We received 173 entries correctly identifying the Fake Ad for “The Manny” on page 66 of the July issue. In an odd coincidence, the Fake Ad Czar (we like that spelling because it’s worth more in Scrabble, Tom Weeks) was born in July of ’66. 

Several Fake Adders wondered if the Czar had the television show This Is Us in mind, which has a show within a show called The Manny, played by Justin Hartley. In another odd coincidence, the Czar is often mistaken for Hartley, especially while shirtless. It’s quite annoying, actually. 

The ad included the name Beck in the phrase, “beck and call.” Larry Hennessey, who by no coincidence at all hails from Okemos, one of the smartest cities in Michigan, writes, “Beck as in a gesture to a servant by their master to perform a duty, related to the word ‘beckon.’” 

David Karl hails from the smartest city of all, Ann Arbor. “Prior to the 17th century it would have been ‘beckon and call,’” Karl wrote. “During the 17th century they shortened it to ‘beck and call.’ [Eventually] people misheard the phrase as ‘beckon call.’ … [it] means to be subservient to the person making that statement. That person is at your beck and call.”

Linda Etter won the drawing. She’s taking her gift certificate to Vestergaard Farms.

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