“With two small kids, it’s a lot of bathroom breaks,” said Justin Vos as he helped his two daughters out of his Tesla Model X outside the Meijer store on Ann Arbor-Saline Rd. Vos had taken delivery on the battery-powered SUV the day before in Maryland and immediately set out to see family in the Detroit area–stopping every 200 miles or so to recharge at Tesla’s free “supercharger” stations.

The family was in Ann Arbor because there are no superchargers in metro Detroit. Charging can take anywhere from twenty to forty minutes, but unlike gas station-goers, Tesla owners can leave their cars unattended. After plugging in, the Voses headed into Meijer to shop and rest.

On another day, a Chicagoan named George left his Model S to charge while going out to eat with his stepdaughter. He’d been in Detroit and was on his way home. Whoever said EV owners suffer from “range anxiety” must not know George: he said he’d driven all the way to Yellowstone and back in his Tesla and really enjoyed it.