“How fun to see the Lucas Samaras sculpture,” writes Julia Jickling. “Sometimes I know these and sometimes I don’t, but this sculpture I have enjoyed too many times to resist entering!” Katie DeBona says her kids, five and nine, announced, “It’s by the Art Museum!,” which her husband verified “on an early morning bike ride.” Cathy Chow added the title–“Stiff Box #12”–and Gloria Nosse a more precise location: “in the east court between Alumni Memorial Hall and [the new] Frankl Wing.”

Samaras’ early works included a series on boxes, of which this piece, according to the UMMA, is in “a subcategory…he dubbed Stiff Boxes.” In Stiff Box #12, there is “a dichotomy between the soft, graceful curves on one side and sharp, angular edges on the other.” The UMMA website includes this quote from the Greek-born artist: “Rather than saying I am a sculptor, I could have said I was a boxer.”

Six entrants correctly identified the piece. Gloria Nosse won our random drawing and will take her $25 gift certificate to Zingerman’s.

To enter this month’s contest, find the spot shown on p. 99 of the October Ann Arbor Observer. Deadline for entries is October 11.