We received 191 entries correctly identifying the Fake Ad for Social Butterfly on page 27 of the August issue.

“Hello!” wrote Janine Shahinian. “The Fake Ad is on page 27 for ‘Social Butterfly,’ in which Dave Sweeton’s last name can be found in the headline: ‘7,414,141 likes. Looks like someone’s sweet on YOU.’ It must be nice to occasionally get a name for a Fake Ad that practically writes itself. What did you do with all your free time this month?”

That’s an excellent question, but the best answer we can come up with is, “Not as much as we should have, apparently.”

The best advice came from Laurie Bluemlein: “And whoever might be sweet on you? Good question, but no need to dwell on it.”

As veteran Fake Adders know, that odd (literally) number, 7414141, once appeared in every Fake Ad. It was the number for the TellEvent hotline, a recording of highlights from the Observer calendar that the Fake Ad Czar recorded on a device called a “telephone.” How quaint! One supposes he recorded it while churning butter and ginning cotton.

Ruth Freedman won our drawing and is taking her gift certificate to Zingerman’s.

To enter this month’s contests, send email to backpage@aaobserver.com or mail to 2390 Winewood, AA 48103. All correct entries received by noon, September 10, will be eligible for our random drawings. Winners will receive $25 gift cards or certificates to any business advertising in this issue.