Is it a sign of the times when a vintage bike repair shop replaces an auto detailing business? That’s what happened at Broadway and Moore, where Michael Firn and Joe Bollinger opened Sic Transit Cycles to refurbish and sell bicycles from the sixties, seventies, and eighties. “I like the fact that we’re redoing old bikes,” says Firn, who started out working from his garage on Princeton Street. “It goes hand in hand with the kind of revolution that’s going on in people’s thinking, in terms of transportation.”

Neither Firn or Bollinger are quitting their other jobs yet–Firn waits tables and tends bar at Pacific Rim and Bollinger is an energy trader for DTE–but both are thrilled to have turned their hobby into a business. Bollinger says they’re responding to a “generation of young cyclists who are really interested in vintage product.” Depending on the model, its condition, and the caliber of the components used to refurbish it, the redone bikes sell from $275 to more than $1,500.