Last month’s Fake Ad for Serbian tennis camps led by Novar Borwebic prompted as many quick returns as a weak serve. In all, 130 Fake Adders spotted the ad, along with several misguided readers who named real ads as the fake.

“The ad for the Serbian tennis camp had a certain ‘ic’ factor that leads me to believe it’s this month’s Fake ad,” wrote Carol Mousigian.

“My 14-year-old and I finally got the ‘djoke’ after twice going by the ad for Ann Arbor Court Club on p. 56 of the March Observer,” wrote Jacqueline Courteau. “‘Novar Borwebic'” eventually clued us in. Thanks, as always, for the laughs! We look forward to looking for the ad together each month, even though we don’t always remember to email our entry in time.”

Merry Muilenberg also played the name game. “Great ad, considering all the ‘vic’ names in tennis!” Muilenberg wrote.

Our winner, Jim Morgensen, is taking his prize to Seva.

To enter this month’s contest, find the Fake Ad in the April Ann Arbor Observer and enter by noon on April 11 (instructions are on the Back Page).