To all the angry birders who responded to last month’s fake ad–and by that we are not referring to the bleary-eyed gamers who fall asleep launching cartoon birds on their phones–we would like to say: relax. The snowy owl has no greater friend than the Fake Ad Czar. He has studied it. He has steadfastly boycotted the Harry Potter movies, not because he doesn’t like them (which, let’s be clear, he really doesn’t), but because they depict snowy owls as pets. He has trekked through the sewage-contaminated soil of the Muskegon wastewater facility to see it. And, as the accompanying photo would prove, were his editor not too stingy to make space for it, he has photographed it.

That trek inspired the ad for R. Borweb Quality Meats (page 36 of the March issue), whose special on rotisserie snowy owls ruffled the feathers of a murder of birders. “The poultry graphic was quite appealing,” wrote Janet Hohmann-Lamb. “But Rotisserie Snowy Owl? Appalling! Both the Headmaster and the National Wildlife Federation will be looking into this.”

In all, 159 Fake Adders spotted the ad. Our winner, Ellen Wilson, is taking her gift certificate to Williamston’s Fabric Gallery.

To enter this month’s contest, find the fake ad in the April issue and follow the instructions in the box on the bottom of the Back Page. Hint: the fake ad always includes the word “arborweb.”