Yankee Candle opened in Briarwood–it split the space facing the center court that used to be the Rogers & Hollands jewelry store with Lush, selling natural hand-made cosmetics. So it remains a corner devoted to female pampering, though a less expensive and more ephemeral kind of pampering than Rogers & Hollands was offering.

Down in the Sears direction, next to Ann Taylor, Hollister, selling “SoCal looks” for “dudes”and “bettys,” has closed, and Athleta, a subsidiary of Gap, will be opening soon. The store sells “stylish, comfortable workout wear” for women, featuring “feminine designs, cool colors, and durable fabrics,” says a press release from Hollon Kohtz, Briarwood’s PR manager.

Yankee Candle, 761-3265. yankeecandle.com

Athleta (no phone yet), athleta.com