2021 June

Bus Stop Benches

Q.  Why did they put benches on Huron St. everywhere but at the bus stop in front of the courthouse? And why don’t they have a bus stop on the other side of Huron St. in that block?A. Some bus stops primarily serve...

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Salon Refugees Return

“He looked like Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber,” Reed recalls. “His bangs were cut straight and short across his forehead, and the hair in back was a blunt cut. ‘It’s a long story,’ he told me....

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Covid adaptations, continued.

The restaurant world has been in constant flux since the pandemic began, and some of Ann Arbor’s best-known names continue to make adjustments. Aventura, the tapas bar and restaurant on E. Washington, sprang back to life...

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Back to School, Back to Work

The halls of a community college are filled with a sense of urgency. Whether it’s rushing to make it to class before getting marked late or hurrying out the door just in time for work, the atmosphere is filled with hard...

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Kay Yourist Leaves Lower Town

Yourist Studio Gallery is taking its leave from Lower Town, where it has operated for the past twenty years at 1133 Broadway. Its new digs will be at the Jackson Road Technology Park. Owner Kay Yourist says the new location...

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Encore Theater’s Next Stage

Few cities with a population under 5,000 can boast their own musical theater company, but Dexter is lucky. The idea to open a musical theater came to Anne Koch shortly after moving to Dexter in 2007 with her husband Paul. Koch...

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