“This World War II Holocaust Memorial of a grieving figure represents the shock and sorrow over the loss of millions of lives,” writes Bethany Hellmann, identifying August’s I Spy (below). “A memorial to the Holocaust horrors,” confirms Prue Heikkinen. “I have always found this work to be extremely powerful.”

“It was designed by Leonard Baskin,” adds Haran Rashes, and is “in the Wallenberg Plaza next to the Rackham building,” adds Tish Lehman. Named after Raoul Wallen-berg—a 1935 U-M graduate who saved tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews in 1944—the

plaza is “on the grounds of Rackham…its own little grove,” writes Astrid Beck.

“During Summer Festival I saw children climbing on it…and I thought it was an interesting juxtaposition,” writes Jeri Hollister. “The children looked so happy and the fig-ure…so tortured.”

Our random drawing winner is Ruth Freedman. She’ll take her $25 gift certificate to Zingerman’s.

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