The day after Christmas, diners at Senor Lopez, the Mexican restaurant on West Stadium, were treated to an impromptu concert. A private party had gathered at one end of the dining room. Most of the guests appeared to be from India, some of the women wearing beautiful saris. A sound system was readied–and soon the song “Thriller” blasted through the speakers.

A Michael Jackson impersonator exploded onto the floor. Lip-synching flawlessly, he pivoted and moon-walked through three numbers, precisely replicating the moves from Jackson’s music videos–complete with changing jackets, a wolf mask, and the iconic sequined glove. The rapt partygoers applauded enthusiastically. Then two of the sari-clad women rose and performed a captivating traditional dance.

Subsequent attempts to learn more about the multicultural moment were unsuccessful–even owner Rafael Lopez said he hadn’t known about the celebration. Still, Senor Lopez was pleased to hear he had hosted such a splendid event.