“Those windows belong to the Fleming Administration Building!” says Deborah Wyse, a former Ann Arborite now living in Philadelphia.

“I’m two thousand miles away,” writes Peter Herbert of Sun City West, Arizona, but even from there, the brick cube is “quite unmistakable.”

“It’s said that the windows are so narrow to make the building ‘riot proof,'” shares Jenna Clark. Rebecca Sweeton heard “that the walls bow out from top to bottom to prevent ladders from being put up against them.”

“The myth is that it was designed as a fortress to keep out student protesters,” writes Will Hathaway. “In truth it is a Borg space ship from Star Trek.”

Louisa Griffes notes that architect Alden Dow denied that he designed it for defense against student protests, explaining that “the narrow window design was meant to make the building more energy efficient.”

Thirty-four people correctly identified the Fleming Administration Building. Our random-drawing winner is Wyse, who writes, “knowing the answer to the I Spy was a reassuring counterpoint to the news that Middle Earth is closing.” She’ll enjoy her $25 gift certificate at Zingerman’s Roadhouse.

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