First, the facts: We received 156 entries correctly identifying the Fake Ad for Boundaries Books on page 68 of the April issue.

Now, the fun: “You’ve been quite clever recently in hiding the previous winner’s name clue by not printing it at all (like the old Benson & Hedges ads) but this time beats all,” writes Donna Wessel Walker. “Yes, I do know the rest of the story and the last name: The ad is about E.B. White, legendary contributing editor of the New Yorker, and author of Elements of Style as well as the children’s books Charlotte’s Web, Stuart Little, and Trumpet of the Swan.”

Judi Taylor explains why E.B. was called Andy in college: “Tradition holds that all college men at Cornell with the surname White were nicknamed Andy after the founder Andrew Dickson White.”

Michele Boerman-Postema writes, “I am tearing up just thinking about the author of Charlotte’s Web and Stuart Little, and who penned two of the most memorable quotes about friendship in all of literature: ‘It is not often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer. Charlotte was both.’ And, ‘Sometimes, the most unlikely friendships are the most fulfilling.’”

Joan Bruggers opted to paraphrase Charlotte herself: “Some puzzle.”

Our winner, Malte Brietlow, is taking a gift certificate to Fourth Ave Birkenstock.