Not many people know this, but the Fake Ad Czar’s single favorite line ever on Saturday Night Live was when Kate McKinnon, portraying an Australian actress playing a death bed scene, was asked if she had any last words. In a terribly exaggerated, inaccurate Australian accent, McKinnon responds, “Kangaroo, I guess.”

So I knew this month was going to be fun.

Last month’s Fake Ad for Omar’s Kebabs—which 146 clever Fake Adders identified on page 39 of the December issue—contained a number of Aussie-isms. “It was fun learning that ‘A fair suck of the sav!’ means having ‘a fair go at something’ in Australia,” wrote Lynn Palacios, “and that ‘sav’ can also be short for saveloy or chipolata sausage there as well. And then there is ‘It’s a bonzer!’ which we might say as ‘It’s excellent (or very good)!’ and ‘big bikkies’ equates to ‘a lot of money.’ And of course—we don’t have a ‘W. University’ in Ann Arbor, just N. University and S. University.”

Bryan Magnuson got in on the down-under lingo as well. “G’day back pagers,” Magnuson wrote. “It was hard yakka Mate, but no worries, I found the fakie on page 39, Omar’s Kebabs, with Marske innit. Good on ya Mate, you little ripper, you defo deserve a stubby, or maybe a slab! G’day Mate!”

And Michele Boerman-Postema wrote, “Don’t quite know where to start with this one … ‘A fair suck of the sav’—?? Words fail me.”

Laura Maurer won our drawing. She is taking her gift certificate to Found in Kerrytown.

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