“March’s Fake Ad claims to maximize your testosterone levels so you too can be ballet dancing at age 84,” writes Ginny Westgate. “Kimball is found in ‘k! I’m ball.’ The funniest part is in the disclaimer at the bottom, ‘Just want to go back to that one about consulting your health care provider … Use some common sense, for God’s sake.’ ”

Larry Hennessy writes, “the disclaimer was what obviously made it a fake ad. You could be accused of age discrimination …  not so much for the content … but because the print … was so small that it made it a bit hard to discern for those of us who have to wear reading glasses!”

Despite the ad’s target audience, we had an entry from a young Fake Adder: “Hello! … I always appreciate and enjoy finding the ‘Fake Ad’ … it brings a smile to my face every time. Thank you for doing what you do! The ad was funny!!!”
—Nora, 12 years old. [The email ended with a yellow smiley face, but we only know how to make the 🙂 kind.]

David Shoup thought, “Senior IT was … a service to help seniors learn how to use modern technology like texting and tv remotes. Much needed.” Hmmm. You might be on to something.

Our winner was Chris Pannier. He’s taking his gift certificate to Downtown Home & Garden.