Four years ago, Ralph Pasola bought a standard schnauzer puppy from Ackley Kennels in Northfield Township. He named him Petey. Petey goes everywhere with Ralph–he even follows him into the bathroom in the morning. Ralph calls Petey “my son.” He says, “We are very close.” When Pasola smiles, Petey’s teeny schnauzer tail wags.

Petey was lucky. In 2009, the Humane Society of Huron Valley rescued thirty-three dogs from Ackley Kennels. An HSHV investigator told the Ann Arbor News that the kennels were filled with waste and the dogs’ coats were “matted with their own feces.” One of the rescued dogs, a schnauzer, was later adopted by Stephanie Teasley, who lives on Linwood. She calls him Merlin.

Recently, Teasley and Merlin, out for a stroll in their neighborhood, met Petey, who was playing outside his home on Mark Hannah Place. The dogs began to play. And not just play, Pasola says; they seemed to connect as if they’d known each other forever.

Merlin, it turns out, had been a “stud dog” at Ackley Kennels–and Pasola suspects that Petey is his son.