Burglaries dropped sharply in October, with 65 reports (including attempts). Thanks to a timely call from a northeast side resident, “We caught two [burglars] right in the act” in late September, says AAPD Det. Lt. Mark St. Amour. “We believe that probably contributed” to the decline. October’s tally was down a third from the elevated levels of August and September, and the lowest level since May 2009.

#PAGEBREAK#Click here to view of zoomable map of October crime reports from the Ann Arbor Police Department and the public safety departments of the U-M and Pittsfield Township. The online map has been corrected from the version printed in the December Ann Arbor Observer: the crime near Newport and Overlook was a burglary, not an attempted sexual assault. The attempted sexual assault occurred on N. Maple, where the printed map showed an attempted robbery.

October 2009 Crime totals (including attempts)

Burglaries 65

Sexual Assaults 6

Vehicle Thefts 24

Robberies 10

Homicides 0


October 2008 Crime totals (including attempts)

Burglaries 78

Sexual Assaults 1

Vehicle Thefts 4

Robberies 7

Homicides 0