Ann Arbor’s Fifth Ward is now represented solely by councilmembers named Charles. Conveniently, both are known by other names–but that’s not the end of the coincidences.

“Our birthdays are just a few days apart,” emails two-term rep Chuck War-pehoski. “Mine is March 26, 1978.”

“My birthday is March 23rd, 1970,” emails newly elected Chip Smith, “the same day as the recently deceased Moses Malone (and Chaka Khan!).”

“My parents didn’t want me to be nicknamed ‘Chuck,'” Warpehoski continues, “but I was very ticklish and would chuckle when tickled. Hence ‘Chuckie’ and then ‘Chuck.'”

“I’ve always gone by ‘Chip,'” says Smith. Because his full name is Charles F. Smith Jr., he’s a “chip off the old block.”

Any other coincidences? “Our kids are about the same age,” writes Warpehoski, “and for a while his daughter and my son were in the same daycare class,” at Annie’s Children’s Center in Kerrytown.

“We both also like to drink good beer,” Smith adds. And Warpehoski has yet one more: “If you wanted to reach, he likes to fish and I used to work at a bait shop.”