New tricks for old muscles

Neil and Chuck Cole have aging baby boomers in their sights. The Coles, who run Dexter’s Bio Logic Engineering, have invented a strength training system to help everyone from frail eighty-year-olds to professional athletes...

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A breast-feeding business

Barbara Robertson says she catches flak for selling breast-feeding supplies. It usually boils down to this, she says: if breast-feeding is free, how come you’re in business?But Robertson didn’t open the Breastfeeding...

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Upstairs on South U

Sandria Haney knows jeans and knows how to give parties, which certainly explains why she’s opened a business called Party In Our Pants on South University. That background may also explain why Haney is rather grandly...

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Everyday Cook’s next step

“We’re not doing lunches,” says Mary Campbell of Everyday Cook, “but we’re not closed.” Campbell’s anxious to quash rumors that she’d given up on her combination restaurant and cookware store in Kerrytown after losing out on a...

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El Camino Real

Toledo’s Best Margarita (if you believe the Toledo City Paper) is now available in Ann Arbor. You’ll find it at Toledo’s Best Mexican Restaurant (if you believe the Toledo City Paper), also now available in Ann...

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