After forty-six years on West Stadium Boulevard, Campus TV & Satellite owner Joe Logelin closed his storefront in June, but will continue to serve customers from his home office in Livingston County. Logelin says he’ll offer Dish Network satellite systems, roof antennas, TV sales, and TV repair. However, service and repairs will be handled by Logelin’s technicians in customers’ homes instead of in a shop.

“There were a lot of reasons we closed–one being that my wife retired and it was time for me to think about semi-retirement. Also, by moving to a home office I greatly reduced overhead costs.

“I’ve had many customers through the years who’ve said, ‘Don’t ever go out of business.’ Well, we’re still in business, but it’s just from a new location.” Rumor has it that Campus TV & Satellite’s neighbor, Stadium Hardware, will expand into the vacated space.

Campus TV & Satellite, West Stadium location closed, but services are still available by calling 665-6644.