The city plans to resurface or reconstruct 11.3 miles of road from April through November at a cost of $27 million. That’s almost triple 2011’s total of 5.1 miles for $8.6 million.

Thank Uncle Sam, specifically, representative John Dingell and Ray LaHood, secretary of transportation. The city’s been hoarding cash from the street reconstruction millage in case it had to pay the full cost of reconstructing the Stadium Boulevard bridges. But last year, the feds agreed to kick in $13.9 million of the projected $22.8 million cost. Added to $2.9 million already committed by the state, that “freed up money we had for resurfacing and reconstructing roads around town,” explains city project manager Liz Rolla.

Thirteen projects are due to begin in April, including such major arteries as Huron Parkway from Hubbard to Fuller, Liberty from Seventh to First streets, and Fifth Avenue from Huron to Liberty. Twenty more will start in May, including Fifth from Depot to Beakes, and Seventh from Madison to Pauline.

The most disruptive projects will replace both roads and water mains on Fourth Avenue from Liberty to Huron, East Stadium from Packard to Washtenaw, Packard from Platt to US-23, and Dexter from the Huron fork to Maple. And don’t forget those Stadium bridges. Add it all together, and this summer, Ann Arbor drivers will be detouring around more than $50 million worth of roadwork.