The Wild Side Smoke Shop has opened a branch on East Liberty–the original store in the Courtyard Shops opened about three years ago. Sean, the courteous and well-spoken young man who works there full time (though he claims he’s not the manager), and to whom phrases like “Yes ma’am” and “My pleasure” come easily, politely deflected most questions about the store. Like the Plymouth Rd. shop, this one specializes in glass pipes of all sizes, shapes, and colors. If you half-close your eyes on the East Liberty light bouncing off shelves of clean, sparkly glass, you might think John Leidy’s had come back to life. Focus your eyes and you’ll see that a lot of the smaller pipes come in that lewd shape that is for some reason popular among glass-pipe smokers.

Of course, emphasizes Sean, these products are for tobacco only. And, he adds, the bottles of detox drink behind the counter are emphatically not for passing drug tests.

Wild Side Smoke Shop, 209 E. Liberty, 369-6489. Daily 10 a.m.-10 p.m.